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Theocratic Ministry School 12.2

TMS Explorer is a Windows software program for the Theocratic Ministry School
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TMS Explorer is a Windows software program for the Theocratic Ministry School.
* Keep track of your students, their talk history, study points, setting history
* Schedule the assignments
* Print the assignment slips - just load the blank slips into your printer and click
* Print the schedule to post on the information board
* Print a handy worksheet for use during the school
* Brand new, designed from the ground up for the 2003 Theocratic Ministry School, and adjusted for 2009 changes
* An Explorer-style "tree" for easy navigation
* Features an Outlook-style buttonbar
* Much richer printing options including integration with MS Word with a variety of style templates
* Multi-language support; simply click File >> Select Language and choose your desired language
* A built-in help system
* "Live updates" ; download the latest version with new features and bug fixes as well as language updates
* Live "chat" with myself to provide real-time tech support. This facilitates quick trouble resolution without playing "email tag" or expensive phone calls. Remote Control support also available
* Support for 3 schools
* Email reminders - support for ALL email programs, not just Outlook
* The ability to block a student as unavailable. For example, they may be on vacation for a range of weeks, or might already have a part assigned on the Service Meeting for a particular date.
* Plus lots more features...

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